Best Horizontal Carry Knives For All Outdoor Activities

best horizontal carry knives

Knives have been used ever since the Stone age, when man had a need to hunt and survive. Out of this necessity came invention. Man had to learn to make simple yet sharp objects that could cut through game that they had hunted. These sharp tools evolved with man until today, where we have carry knives that have a variety of uses. A good carry method is important to ensure that the user is comfortable and safe from injury.

What Are Horizontal Carry Knives?

During camping, there is the need to have with you a hunting knife, cutting up food or even self-defense. These knives should be carried horizontally, which is also called scout carry. A scout carry is preferred over a vertical carry. This is due to the fact that vertical carry knives rub against our legs, thus causing irritation. A carry knife, also called a scout carry knife is hence a more practical choice when moving about.

Horizontal-type carry knives can be carried in various ways, which we are absolutely here for. You can have your carry knife right on your abdomen. You can even carry it at a 90-degree angle or even above your lower back. This makes it possible to have it on your person without a problem. It is important to note that carrying it horizontally could potentially save your life. With such knife features, it is easy to pull out from the horizontal direction with a modular sheath system.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are in the woods camping and a wild animal comes at you, protecting yourself shouldn't be very difficult. That's if you get to your survival knife quickly enough. Having an everyday carry knife such as EDC knives on you can come in handy in emergency situations. With this in mind, we shall discuss the best horizontal carry knife in the market, its advantages, disadvantages, knife features, and blade length.

What are the best horizontal carry knives?

Best Horizontal Carry Knives

1) Damascus Steel Knife with Fire Starter

Survival Knife Gift Set - Damascus Steel Knife with Fire Starter, K-Sheath, 550 Paracord, Knife...
  • ✅FORGED FROM D2 STEEL - The pristine 2.75" blade on this survival knife is made from D2 Steel to...
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This lightweight steel knife is carefully made from Damascus steel and a paracord-wrapped handle to give you a razor-sharp knife perfect for camping. This pristine 2.75" survival knife looks and feels really good in the user's hand. This is a great survival knife that comes with G10 removable Ferro rod that allows you to build a fire quickly and efficiently. One of the features of this knife is that it comes with is a bunch of accessories, such as the removable Ferro rod.

There is a K-sheath with a knife sharpener that helps when your camping knife starts to get blunt. The Ferro rod has an orange line for visibility. In addition to this, it has an Allen wrench to assist in removing the Ferro rod. This steel knife is a great knife for a person who spends a lot of time outdoors. Also perfect for survivalists, as well as campers. This scout carry knife not only combines functionality but also an aesthetic appeal.


  • Sheath modification
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Durable
  • Multifunctional


  • Not compatible with small hands

2) SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath- Tactical and Hunting Knife with 4.9 Inch Partially...
  • 4.9 INCH AUS-8 STAINLESS STEEL FULL TANG KNIFE BLADE: The SEAL Strike fixed blade knife is a...
  • 5.6 OUNCE WT. W/ GRN STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE: A tough outdoor knife handle for fixed blade survival...
  • BLACK TITANIUM NITRIDE COATING: A blade far stronger than your average bushcraft knife and Bowie...

This gorgeous bushcraft knife is not your average blade. It has undergone SOG's cryogenic heat treatment, which hardens the fixed blade knife at an atomic level. In addition, it has a black Titanium Nitride coating. The knife blade length stands at 4.9 inches with an overall length of 9.6. The seal strike fixed blade knife is multifunctional and field-tested to be great for camping, hunting knife, combat fighting and boot knife.

The SOG blade knife also comes with a couple of accessories to make your experience with this knife great. A ferrochromium fire starter flawless for campfires. It also has a sharpener and a line cutter. At 5.6 ounces, the knife handle has glass-reinforced nylon that gives it a strong grip. Due to its stainless blade and drop point shape, it offers excellent corrosion resistance. The SOG blade knives are built to last and hence can be replaced to ensure that you have a long-lasting product that serves you for a long period of time.


  • Durable
  • Multi purpose knife
  • Sharp
  • Partially serrated
  • Balanced bowie knife
  • Compact knife


  • Rigid sheath

3) CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife: Compact and Lightweight Black Knife with Carbon Steel, Plain Edge...
  • High performance steel: SK5 carbon steel holds an edge well
  • Compact size: Easy to carry
  • Enhanced Protection: Black coating improves corrosion resistance

This sleek blade knife is a light black knife reinforced with carbon steel. The SK5 carbon steel holds an edge well. This scout carry knife has a strong nature and edge retention that allows the steel bolster to work as an improvised hammer. The blade features a cord lock attachment design that allows you to mount it horizontally. It has a safe and secure grip due to its unique G10 handle. This is one of the best scout carry knife with a horizontal sheath.

The CRKT SIWI scout carry knife has a finish with a non-reflective and highly resistant black coating. This makes it have good corrosion resistance. It has a superior grip that works well even in really gritty circumstances. This scout carry knife comes with a belt sheath that ensures that you can carry the knife horizontally. The sheath has a decent edge retention on the knife. Despite this knife not having a belt clip, it does have a belt locking clamp system.


  • Sturdy knife
  • Ergonomic
  • Full tang
  • Versatile knife
  • Hard steel


  • Clip system

4) SOG Pillar Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Pillar Fixed Blade Knife- Full Tang 5 Inch S35VN Steel Blade Survival Knife, w/ Linen Micarta...
  • U. S. -MADE CPM S35VN STEEL OUTDOOR KNIFE: The ultimate bush craft knife, camping knife and hunting...
  • 5 inch satin polish blade: a perfectly balanced fixed blade belt knife And boot knife to keep among...
  • Mi carta full tang knife handle: MI carta handle with finger choli offers superior grip for your...

This multipurpose knife is a full tang stainless steel knife and blade steel that is carefully crafted using an ultra-tough alloy that makes it one of the best knives in the knife world. This perfect scout carry knife because it can be used as a knife for hunting, bush craft knife and a camping knife. This full tang knife is perfectly balanced fixed blade ideal as a belt knife as well as a boots knife. It has a lanyard hole great for neck carry, making it easy to carry as a neck knife, making it one of the best scout carry knife to have.

The knife handle has a contoured micarta handle and a drop point, which gives it good grip, perfect for combat and hiking. This knife has a Kydex sheath with an adjustable low-profile locking mount for these full tang fixed blade knives. This tactical knife weighs 7.3 ounces with an overall length of 9.9 inches. The stainless steel material it has offers decent corrosion resistance. The sheath can be easily connected to a belt as it has the belt clip feature.


  • Good grip
  • Multipurpose cut
  • Durable
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Razor-sharp
  • Holds edge well


  • Expensive

5) Havalon Piranta-Edge Blaze Orange Handle

This blade steel has the primary function for hunting and skinning due to its sharpness. It is the sharpest knife to use. It is foldable and thus compact. It is ideal for carrying horizontally, scout style and even in a concealed carry. This is a great knife that comes with 12 sharp replaceable blades that are easy to find. At 4.9 out of 5.0 stars, these buck knives are the best scout carry knives and edge retention in the market. The rubber handle makes it amazing for strong grip.

This entire knife has a liner construction, drop point, and a lanyard hole. It also has a belt clip that allows you to carry it in the horizontal position. This carry knife with horizontal scout style, features 7/1/4inches in total length which is a pretty good size for buck knives. It, however, will not work for heavy-duty and lateral twisting activities. It is important to understand this knife is extremely sharp with low corrosion resistance and should be handled gently. Another important precaution to watch for is; changing the blades can be particularly difficult. So watch your fingers, please.


  • Great design
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Foldable design
  • Compact
  • Replaceable blades


  • Extremely sharp

How To Select The Best Horizontal-Type Carry Knives

a) Cost

Depending on what your budget is, scout carry knives are available in a variety of styles. Their prices range from $20 to $189.They are all really great for their intended purpose. A knife with horizontal sheath is an important feature that they come with. You wouldn't want your knife to be in the way while you move about. You want it to be an everyday carry. Therefore choosing the best scout carry knife will be up to your budget and the functions you would like it to have.

If you would like really high quality and durable buck knives that come with accessories such as a heavy-duty belt sheath, prepare to splurge. For example, the SOG pillar fixed blade knife goes for $187, but it is one of the best carry knives with a leather sheath. In addition, it has the drop point for easy sharpening as well as edge retention. On the other hand, the CRKT SIWI fixed blade goes for $79, which is almost half the price but has some pretty cool features.

b) Durability

A product that is durable will last for a long time and serve you well without any hitches. How do you know that a product is hardy? It will have good ratings and terms such as Titanium nitride coating. Stainless steel is also a very durable material. A polymer sheath is also very strong and durable. An example of popular brands that offer quality is the Bradford knives, Benchmade hidden canyon hunter and Gerber gear. Additionally, the CRKT SIWI is also a very durable brand.

The CRKT has a SK5 carbon steel that holds an edge well. It also has a black coating that helps with corrosion resistance. Moreover, it also has a unique G10 handle. The Benchmade hidden canyon hunter and Gerber gear do not have these amazing features. All these features tell you that this knife in its entirety is very durable. Its wide blade radius makes your work easier. The knife, corrosion resistance and sheath review is pretty awesome. We recommend you try it out, and hopefully, it will serve you for a long period of time.

c) Material

In your search for a suitable survival knife, knowing the different types of materials that make a good scout carry knife will come in handy. Black ceramic coating, G10, SK5 carbon, Titanium nitride, stainless steel, polymer, fiberglass and cryogenic heat treatment are all forms and materials that make up good scout knives. With these materials as features of a carry knife, you are guaranteed a good quality product.

However, other materials may be substandard. If you aren't keen, you could end up being scammed for low and terrible-quality products. Doing your research is, therefore, pertinent to ensuring you do not succumb to unethical buyers. We, therefore, provide you with good quality products amazon to ensure your safety. Also, to understand is that carry-type knives are made with their function in mind. For example, the Havalon piranta-edge blaze black handle is ideal for skinning. Its thin blades are sharp specifically for this reason.

d) What you will use it for

All the various uses that scout carry knives have to make for different types of knives. In the case that you are going hunting, the seal strike fixed blade would work well because that is its function. However, skinning game animals would require you to use the Havalon piranta-edge black handle. This is because, obviously, this is what it is meant for. Similarly, the SOG pillar fixed blade is a full tang, micarta handle that is specifically designed to be a combat knife. These are the best scout carry knives.


By now, you have made it to the bottom line of this article, and it should be pretty clear what kind of blade length you want. We have talked about all the features and functions of blade steel there are and the best you can get at an affordable price. Is the scout carry dangerous? We will let you decide that. Not forgetting to mention some of the few cons that these products may have. Therefore with all this information, you should be able to pick a knife that you will love.

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