Best Leather For Knife Sheath For Extra Protection

best leather for knife sheath

Are you interested in getting a leather sheath for your knife that will give you a modern look? Or do you want to craft your leather sheath for your knife, but you are unsure about the best leather for knife sheath to choose from? Luckily, we have researched the best leather materials you can use and listed the top in the market in this article for you to choose from.

In this article, you will not only get the best leather for knife sheaths but also a buyer's guide that will help you select your preference. But before we get into the review, let us discuss some of the knife sheath materials you can use in crafting.

Types Of Knife Sheath Materials

You can make a knife sheath using different types of material. There are four common ones; Kydex, leather, nylon and plastic sheath.

1. Leather Sheath

Leather is the most common material used in making knife sheaths. Leather is considered because of its beauty and ability to protect your knife. In addition, it provides a comfortable grip, and you can work around it easily to create designs.

If you will make your leather sheath, go through this review and choose the best leather for knife sheath that we have selected from the market.

2. Kydex Sheath

The Kydex is a synthetic thermoplastic that gives you an excellent result. It is chemical and abrasive resistant. It is a great alternative for leather since it is very strong and suitable for many blades.

3. Nylon Sheaths

Nylon sheaths are very strong and require less maintenance. They are also very lightweight, making them easy in making sheaths, and they rarely stretch with age.

4. Plastic Sheaths

If you are looking for inexpensive sheaths, you can opt for plastic ones. They are also easy to maintain and are lightweight. However, plastic sheaths are not durable and can only use on light-duty knives.

What is the best leather for knife sheath?

Let us discuss the top 5 leather for making knife sheaths.

1. REED Leather Hides-Sheep Skin

REED Leather HIDES - Whole Sheep Skin 7 to 10 SF for Arts and Crafts (Antique Brown)
  • 7 to 10 SF Leather Hides - May Receive two hides, or one Large hide.
  • Whole Sheep Leather Skin - Various Colors - Not Scraps.
  • Soft Durable Touch Leather - Larger Hides may be Thicker with natural age marks and holes, while...

The Reed leather hides are made from sheepskin. This piece of leather comes in different colors that include black, navy and crocodile prints. You can also find other beautiful colors such as brown that can match well as a knife sheath.

The REED leather sheath has a soft texture and is very thick and strong. It works perfectly by protecting your knife from any external damage. It is processed through the vegetable tanning process, making it quality leather for knife sheaths or any garments you want to make.


  • It's very durable
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Some users find the material to be heavy

2. JEEREAL Leather Square-Full Grain Hide

Leather Square 2.0mm Thick Tooling Leather Crafts Full Grain Leather Hide Crafting Leather
  • Dark Brown Color Leather Square First Layer Full Grain Cowhide Leather
  • WEIGHT AND SIZE: 4.5-5oz(1.8-2.omm)/ Multi-Size Optional(Please contact us for any special size...
  • APPLICATION: Great for Arts, Crafts, Tooling, Stamping, Sewing, Carving Properties, Hobby Workshop

If you are not a fan of vegetable tanned leather such as the REED products, you can opt for full-grain leather. They may be a little bit thicker, but you can sand them to make them thinner. The full leather grain pieces only mean that you will receive the leather in the full piece.

This type is chrome-tanned but way thicker than most chrome-tanned ones; their thickness is almost the same as the vegetable-tanned one. In addition, it has high water resistance than vegetable-tanned leather making it a great alternative for people who interact with water frequently.


  • It is thicker than most chrome-tanned sheaths.
  • It is water-resistant
  • Made from full piece leather


  • Suitable for heavy-duty knives only

3. Black Leather Hide-Spanish Full Skin

Black Leather Hide - Full Skin - Rustic Finish - 2 oz avg Thickness - Soft Upholstery Fabric -...
  • 100% GENUINE LEATHER HIDES; Lambskins from Renowned Tanneries
  • 4 SQ FT FULL SKINS; Medium weight - Approx 1oz - AVG 24¨x 22¨at longest and widest - .8 mm to 1.2...
  • BLACK TONES RUSTIC FINISH; soft and flexible, easy to sew, very durable and light weight

If you have dark-looking knives, this option may suit you. It is the perfect match for your knives since it only comes in black. Most knife sheaths in the market are done in brown leather, thus making it rare to find black. If you are a lover of dark colors, you may even opt for a navy piece of leather but black will never go wrong.


  • Suitable for color black lovers.
  • Made from fully processed skin leather


  • Not suitable for people who love different colors

4. Bourbon Brown Jeereal Square Tooling Leather Thick Finished

Bourbon Brown Tooling Leather Square 2.0mm Thick Finished Full Grain Cow Hide Leather Crafts Tooling...
  • Bourbon Brown Color Leather Cowhide Full Grain Tooling Leather
  • WEIGHT AND SIZE: 4.5-5oz(1.8-2.omm)/ Multi-Size Optional(Please contact us for any special size...
  • APPLICATION: Great for Arts, Crafts, Tooling, Stamping, Sewing, Carving Properties, Hobby Workshop

This is one of the best chrome tanned leather in the market. The Bourbon Brown Jeereal Square is unique in its thickness, stiffness, and texture, making it perfect for knife sheaths. It belongs to the hides selected during the tanning process and is categorized into fine leather, middle leather and durable leather.

It has a smooth texture that is convenient to craft. It also stretches the skin to produce a color effect that looks brighter.

Apart from creating knife sheaths, you can use them in the textile industry, making them versatile. It also has an unfinished back side to emboss with a different design to make creative patterns.


  • You can use it to make different leather products.
  • It is smooth to the touch
  • You can paint sheath colors on its backside.


  • Some users did not like its texture.

5. Memory Cross 3 lbs Leather Scrap

Memory Cross 3 lbs Real Cowhide Leather Scrap for Crafting - Remnants from Furniture Making, Soft...
  • 3 lbs. genuine leather. Various sizes, shapes and colors - most colors earth tone. Most bags have...
  • Sizes range from 2" x 8" to 9" x 15" on average and irregular in shape.
  • Good for applications including: leather garment trims, fringes, chokers, bookmarks, handle wraps,...

If you are looking for a genuine piece of leather to craft your knife sheath, you should try the Memory Cross leather scarp. It comes in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Most colors are earth tones, so if you are not a fan of bright colors, they will do the job without standing out. You can also use these scarps as fringe accents for sheaths. The scraps are light, supple, and strong to make it easy to design the knife sheath however you want.


  • It is smooth and supple, making it easy to design.
  • Its versatile; comes in different shapes and sizes.
  • It is durable.


  • Has only earth-toned colors.

What Is The Best Leather To Use In Making Knife Sheaths?

Most people find it difficult to differentiate between different types of leather. It is because leather could be sourced from different animals and their quality differ. When choosing the best leather for knife sheaths, you need to consider a few factors. There are two types of leather materials that you can choose from chrome-tanned leather and vegetable-tanned leather.

The only way to differentiate these two is through their refining procedure. The raw material that the leather is extracted from could be similar, but the end product is different. These leather types have their unique uses and can be used in making knife sheaths.

1. Chrome Tanned Leather

The final process that the leather goes through before achieving its end product is chrome tanning. The whole tanning process can take a few weeks, but you can accelerate the process in a few days. Chrome tanned leather generated within a few days is always of a lower quality than the ones done in weeks. They are also cheaper compared to vegetable-tanned leather.

Chrome tanned leather has characteristics that make it a good choice for making sheaths. It is not only water-resistant but also durable and flexible. Most buyers love it also for its affordable cost and its availability in different colors and designs, giving you a chance to select from the variety.

2. Vegetable-tanned Leather

If you are looking for classic leather, settle for vegetable tanned ones. Their manufacturing process is traditional and based on natural resources and procedures. However, its manufacturing process can also take up to a few months, and during that period, the leather goes through different treatments that serve different purposes.

The processing time can be a little bit long but worth it. The end product has a quality that you can't compare to any leather. These types of leather sheaths are durable and require less maintenance. They are also thick and look very beautiful. You cannot compare Their thickness to any chrome-tanned leather, and this thickness is preferably used for sheaths.

Since they are processed fr a long time, they are quite expensive than the chrome tanned leather, and you can only get them in their natural color.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Leather For Knife Sheaths

1. Budget

In every purchase, budget is a crucial factor to consider. Do you have a limited budget, or can you dive into a more expensive knife sheath? Leather material is already pricey, but no doubt you can get one at an affordable price. However, if your pockets are low, you don't have to worry; you can still go for chrome tanned leather, which is an affordable option.

However, if money is not an issue, you can go for the vegetable-tanned leather but be ready to carry a large knife everywhere since this type of leather produces thick knife sheaths. Also, the vegetable-tanned leather requires a lot of maintenance and care than the other types, but it is worth it because of its durability.

A good knife sheat should not only cost you a lot but be durable enough. It should also protect your knife. You can get a cheap sheath but end up destroying your expensive knife.

Chrome tanned leather can be cheap and easily available, but it is often fed with many chemicals. While choosing this option, make sure you invest in a quality piece or end up with a smelly one. If you buy t from a trusted manufacturer, you might end up with a nice sheath.

Make sure you don't overspend or buy the cheapest leather available. You can still get quality for less.

2. Appearance

How do you like your final leather sheath to look like? Would you like a classic natural style or a fancy pattern or color? If you go for the vegetable-tanned leather, you will only get a natural look, but choosing the chrome turned to leather will get more colors and designs.

3. Type Of Knife

The type of leather material you choose is also determined by the knife you have. Will your knife fit into a thin sheath, or is it too sharp or dangerous and requires a thicker leather sheath? If you have a more aggressive knife, consider getting a thick sheath. Most vegetable tanned leather sheaths are durable and quite thicker than the other types of leather, so if you want a thicker version, you can opt for one of these.

4. If It's DIY Project

If you are going to make the leather knife sheath for yourself, you can try the chrome tanned leather since it takes less time to process. Also, a huge percentage of leather in the market is derived from chrome-tanned leather.

5. Thickness

The thickness of the leather is important as it determines how long your sheath will last. If you are going for thicker leather sheaths, ensure your knife is small or less important.

6. Leather Finish

Once you decide on the type of leather to go with, you settle on the type of finish. In most cases, you will find leather materials in unfinished, waxed, oiled or vegetable tanned. You can get unfinished leather cheaply compared to other types, but it is less durable and the thinnest.

7. Color

If you are buying a knife sheath, you should consider the color. Some types of leather sheaths are available in different colors and shades. If you are looking for a unique leather knife sheath design, you can opt for multiple colors as long as you consider the contrast of each color you use.

8. Storage

The leather sheath should store the knife securely and protect it from any damage. It should also allow for easy access when you need to use it.

9. Carry Methods

Go for a knife sheath that you can attach to your body and access easily, whether you are left-handed or right-handed. You can attach the sheath to a belt loop or a strap. Some can even come with their shoulder straps.

10. Attachment Methods

You can attach wraps to your body using different methods; you should consider the attachment methods based on many factors such as the size of your knife, activity level or the type of clothing you normally wear.

11. Ride Height

The ride height is considered the distance from the waist to the top of the sheath when you stand. The ride height is important since it enables you to draw out the knife easily from the sheath. The ride height should not be too high or too low.

12. Durability

If you are going for the best leather for knife sheet, choose the durable and strong one. A cheap leather sheath may fail to protect your expensive knife from damage. Therefore, it would be best to reinforce the sheath in all the right areas to ensure durability for a long period.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Leather For Knife Sheath

1. What Is The Standard Weight For Leather Sheaths For Knives?

It depends on the type of leather you use in crafting your sheath. In most cases, the sheaths are made from light duty to medium duty leather materials. However, if you like, you can use heavy-duty materials to provide you with extra protection in tough conditions.

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